LEAD Referrals

LEAD accepts officer referrals and social referrals!

How to Make a Social Referral:

  • Click here to visit our Contact Page

  • Call or email one of our staff members or call 828-406-8069

  • Please have the following information ready:

    • Potential participant Name and reliable contact information​

    • If the person is currently on probation or parole

    • Referring party's information

    • Service needs or concerns

Officers have the ability,

using their discretion,

to make a diversion referral for:

  • Non-violent misdemeanor charges with an underlying substance use issue, if:

  • The individual is above the age of 18

  • The individual does not appear to exploit minors or promote prostitution

  • The individual does not appear to be engaged in trafficking of drugs or persons

  • The individual does not have a violent crime conviction in the past 10 years.

Community members

(including family and friends) and service providers may make a social referrals for:

  • Individuals who are in need of case management due to substance use

  • Individuals who are at risk of probation violation or other involvement with the criminal justice system

What is a diversion?

Clients who come to us through a diversion mean that they initially had contact with a law enforcement officer who could have charged them with a crime. Instead, the officer chose to divert the person into case management instead of the local criminal justice system. If the person agrees with the officer to participate in LEAD, the officer will still file the charge with the District Attorney's Office and the person must report to the LEAD case manager for an intake within two weeks or the officer can choose to retroactively file  criminal charges. 

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Email: wataugalead@gmail.com

Phone: 828-406-8069

Contact us with any questions or to get help for yourself or someone you care about. 

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