Recovery on the Inside

Recovery on the Inside is a jail based program that works with those who are incarcerated and are interested in taking steps towards recovery by:

  • Creating personalized goals 

  • Navigating treatment and resource options

  • Working with stakeholders (attorneys, probation officers, etc) to develop a plan

  • Assisting in linkage to care at release

  • Providing peer support and case management post-release


The Recovery on the Inside Program began in 2018 when the

Watauga County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) undertook a research project to determine the biggest causes of recidivism in Watauga County and to determine what they could do as law enforcement to connect their incarcerated population to the resources needed in order to be successful and to stay out of jail.

WCSO determined that the biggest commonalities among those who cycled through incarceration were:


  • Substance use

  • Childhood traumatic events

  • Unstable housing

  • Poor mental health 

Recovery on the Inside is located within the Watauga County Detention Center


Click the photo above to read our feature in the Watauga Democrat from 2018!

To learn more about Recovery on the Inside reach out to Sydney Styron 828-406-8046 / or Tripp Taylor at 828-406-5414 /

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Phone: 828-406-9911

Contact us with any questions or to get help for yourself or someone you care about. 

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