If you are with someone who overdoses, call 911, then administer Naloxone.
  • ​Signs of an overdose:

  1. Person is not responsive to voice or pain stimulus.

  2. Fingertips or lips turn blue or grey.

  3. Breathing is low, shallow, or has stopped.

  4. Person is gurgling or making snoring noises

What you can do if you see an opioid overdose:

  1. Call 911

  2. If you have Naloxone, give the person Naloxone and perform rescue breathing.

  3. If no response after 2-3 minutes, give a second dose of Naloxone.

  4. Do not leave the person alone, help will arrive.

  5. If the person starts to breathe or becomes more alert, lay the person in the recovery position: Put the person slightly on their left side so that their body is supported by a bent knee with their face turned to the side.

overdose recovery position.png